20 SEPT 2021  NEWS

As you may know, the plant-based trend is booming around the world, with explosive growth in sales of vegan products in recent years. This growth is so massive that, in the United Kingdom, studies by the Sainsbury’s supermarket chain predict that by 2025, 25% of the country’s population will be vegan or vegetarian. Although there are no definitive studies on the percentage of vegans in the world, all reports show sustained growth over time for this lifestyle.

​The vegan lifestyle is becoming increasingly attractive to a large number of diverse people for different reasons. For example, ecological awareness, religious principles, health reasons, economic reasons, disagreement with the mistreatment and exploitation of animals, or simply because some people do not like to eat animal meat are some of the motivations that lead people to seek this type of diet.

Fermentation is the winemaking process where the natural sugars in grapes are converted into alcohol. The fruit juice goes to a fermentation tank where the yeast grows; The yeast triggers the reaction in the sugar, resulting in wine. At this point, molecules may appear in the wine, causing it to appear cloudy. For wines to be crystal clear, winemakers must filter them.

This process helps clarify the liquid, reduce bitterness and extract excess tannins in red wines, leaving them smoother, ready for bottling. Some winemakers still use traditional animal-derived fining agents such as egg whites, gelatin or casein (derived from milk). Even if these agents are removed before bottling, vegans do not allow their use.