Tabali has for years been a pioneer and the most iconic winery in the Limarí Valley. Company president Nicolás Luksic is continuing in the footsteps of his father, Guillermo Luksic, who founded the winery in 2002, in ensuring that the places chosen for each variety have a singularity that is reflected in each wine.

Guillermo Luksic was the first businessman to build a modern winery in the Limarí valley. He had a special affection for Ovalle because his mother, Ena Craig, studied at the Amalia Errázuriz school there and from early childhood he used to visit the area with family and friends. He was very sentimental about his mother and once said “I want to have land in Ovalle because it’s a fascinating area with its climate and temperature and it’s also very pretty”.

Thus in the early 1990s, Guillermo bought the Hacienda Santa Rosa de Tabali located next to the Enchanted Valley (National Monument) and, in 1993, he planted his first vineyards there. The first

Tabali brand wines were launched in 2002 and their high quality rapidly earned them recognition both in Chile and in international markets.

In 2009, after years of geological studies and experimentation in its ongoing quest for innovation and excellence in the quality of its wines, the winery acquired the Talinay vineyard.

This vineyard is located next to the Fray Jorge National Park and forms part of the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. Just 12km from the coast, this is the Limarí valley vineyard that is closest to the ocean. It took Chile by surprise when the Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay wines from its first harvest were named the best in Chile.

Intending to seek new terroirs in the valley, the company bought Hacienda El Bosque in the mountainous sector of Río Hurtado in 2010. Here it planted a vineyard at an altitude of 1,600 meters, which made Tabali the only winery to own vineyards from the ocean to the mountains in the same valley.

Finally, in 2014, under the leadership of Nicolás Luksic, Tabali acquired the DOM vineyard, one of the best and most exclusive Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards in the Maipo valley with the singular characteristic of being located in the Coastal Mountain range on south-facing slopes of colluvial soils. This vineyard offers new opportunities for the winery, which has finally decided to expand its portfolio and explore other wine regions.



Guillermo Luksic buys the Hacienda Santa Rosa de Tabali located next to the Enchanted Valley (National Monument).


The first vineyards are planted.


The first Tabali wines are launched.


The winery is built.


Tabali acquires the Talinay vineyard.


Helped by satellite photos and geological studies, the winery decides to plant Espinal vineyard.


The winery buys a part of the ex-Hacienda El Bosque, located in the mountainous area of Río Hurtado.


Tabali acquires the DOM vineyard, located in the Maipo Valley.


Update of our brand image.


Signing of the joint venture between Tabali and the Champagne house, Thiénot. These two family businesses come together to produce sparkling wines of the highest quality.


The first TATIÉ sparkling wine is launched on the market: the limestone soils of Tabali + the French expertise of Champagne Thiénot.


Tabali turns 20
 (20 years anniversary).